Lang Yarns Nova 917.0061
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Lang Yarns Nova 917.0061 red

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Nova is a superlight, chainette yarn, composed mainly of fine merino and baby camel hair. The baby camel hair component lends the yarn a wonderful softness, beautiful volume and an exciting mélange. The camel hair comes from Asia. The downy undercoat is used in hand-knitting yarns. In spring, this hair falls out in clumps when the animals shed their winter coat. The downy hair is fine and crimped, it is distinctive for its warmth, its sheen and thermal qualities. Allow yourself be enchanted by this fine quality yarn.
Item no.  917
Composition  48% Wool (Merino)
32% Camel (Baby)
20% Nylon
Metreage  ∼180m / 25g
Needle size (mm)  4½ - 5
Care instructions       
Use detergent for wool wash without softener!
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LY Nova 917.0061

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Smooth wool

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