Eucalan Natural 5ml - woolcare
  • Eucalan Natural 5ml - woolcare

Eucalan Natural 5ml - woolcare

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With this 5ml you are able to try out Eucalan as it is sufficient for 1 wash

Eucalan is the perfect detergent for all your favorite wool or silk garments. And already known for years by wool crafters for blocking and washing their handmade projects. Because it contains lanolin it will maintain the wool fibers so that they stay beautiful. Eucalan contains no chemical ingredients and is 100% natural, so it also contributes to a cleaner environment.

Eucalan is very economical in use - because you use only 5ml on 4liter of water, 500ml willl allow you to do more than 100 waxes .

The Eucalan Natural contains no fragrances or perfumes and is therefore very suitable for people with a sensitivity to perfumes or odors.

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Eucalan natural 5ml
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